Can I mount a vSAN File Services as a datastore for App Volumes?

July 12, 2022

vSAN File Service is a layer that sits on top of vSAN to provide file shares. It currently supports SMB, NFSv3, and NFSv4.1 file shares. vSAN File Service comprises of vSAN Distributed File System (vDFS) which provides the underlying scalable filesystem.

A common configuration for VDI workloads leveraging App-Volumes is to distribute/copy app volumes to multiple clusters, or even multiple locations from a NFS datastore that is mounted by all clusters. This is referred to as a “non-attached” datastore.

More information can be found about this on the EUC tech zone.

Only the non-attached datastore can be stored on a vSAN NFS share


What is Supported:

VMware will support the vSAN File Services NFS shares being used as the non-attached datastore for replication from in this case.

What is not supported:

Using the vSAN NFS as a datastore for a VMDK attached to running virtual machines is not supported.

What are some alternatives?

 For use cases where cross cluster virtual machine storage is needed, VMware vSAN HCI mesh, iSCSI connected to the guest OS, or NFS/SMB for in guest mounting are preferred alternatives.

Are there other use cases where using the NFS service as a datastore is supported?

vSAN NFS shares may be consumed by other VMware products such as VMware Cloud Director's NFS transfer file share, used for Template/ ISO image storage, and vCenter content libraries.

VMware vSAN File Services is a powerful file platform for user shares, container storage, and other flexible unstructured data storage use cases. For more information on deploying it see the vSAN File Services technote.

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