vSAN Interactive infographic

January 14, 2022

The latest update of the vSAN Interactive infographic is live! It includes the latest vSAN features, failure scenarios, stretched cluster scenarios, and 2 Node cluster scenarios. Not to mention, that it is now easier to navigate through and we changed its theme to a brighter version. Check it out here.

If you ever find yourself wondering what the outcome of an unexpected device or node failure in a vSAN cluster will be, you can simply check one of the following sections in the vSAN interactive infographic:

1. Failure Scenarios

2. Stretched cluster / 2 Node cluster

3. Maintenance mode


We made sure to include all the recent vSAN features like Durability components, Site resilience for stretched and 2-node clusters, Nested fault domains for 2-node clusters, Compression only and more.


The vSAN Interactive infographic offers an effective way to explore the vSAN storage processes and to quickly find important vSAN information.

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