August 22, 2023

What's New in Tanzu CNS in vSphere 8.0 U2

Tanzu CNS continues to advance and add features and enhancements for the customer. In vSphere 8.0 U2, we've added some features that help customers manage CNS storage better and provide options for moving PV/PVCs.

CSI Snapshot Support for TKG Service

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 Previously, users couldn't take PV snapshots directly with CSI, they needed to use third-party tools. This feature allows K8s users and backup vendors to take persistent volume snapshots in a standardized way on TKGS.

This feature has a few use cases. For example, a Devops admins can now take point-in-time snapshots of PV and quickly restore a PV from a snapshot. Another example is now backup partners can provide backup and restore capability for Tanzu workloads.


Move PVs across Datastores (svMotion)

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 Previously, users were not able to move or migrate PV/PVCs to different datastores once deployed. In this release, we’ve enabled users to migrate PV/PVCs across datastores, using storage vMotion, in the vSphere UI.

This can be useful for retiring old storage/datastores, datastore maintenance, or capacity balancing. Depending on the SPBM policy used, you can also change the storage capability of the PV/PVC with a migration.


Integrated File Services for Cloud Native and Traditional Workloads

image 412

 Previously, users were not able to enable file services on vSAN Express Storage Architecture (ESA), and therefore the creation of RWM PVs would fail to create. With this release, vSAN ESA now supports file services enabling customers to provision RWM PVs to vSAN ESA. This provides the customer with better data path performance for workloads running on vSAN ESA and increases overall RWM adoption on vSAN.

  • Supports NFS and SMB protocols for traditional and cloud-native clients
  • Feature parity with vSAN file services in Original Storage Architecture


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