Enabling Local Consumption Interface

The new Local Consumption Interface (LCI) in vSphere delivers a new and simplified admin UI to access all the vSphere IaaS control plane services. It provides a UI for users to create Virtual Machines, Kubernetes clusters, Load Balancers and Persistent Volume Claims, directly from vSphere client for each individual Namespace. The UI supports complex specifications for VMs and TKG clusters, while generating the YAML for users that wish to interact with the API directly.

Enabling Local Consumption Interface

Local Consumption Interface is delivered as a Supervisor Service

To enable it, navigate to Workload Management -> Services, follow the link to Discover and download available Supervisor Services and download the latest version of Consumption Interface v1.0.0.

Click on Add Service:

Click on Upload, select the cci-supervisor-service.yml you have downloaded, and click Finish:

Once the service is registered, navigate to Consumption Interface tile and under Actions, click on Manage Service:

Install version 1.0.0, select Supervisor, and click Next:

On the next page, click Finish:

Navigate to the svc-cci-service-domain namespace -> Compute and wait for all Pods to enter Running phase. A blue banner will appear when the plugin installation finishes successfully. Click on Refresh Browser to enable the plugin:

Once you refresh the browser, navigate to your namespace and click on Resources tab to start using the Local Consumption Interface:

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