Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Advanced Load Balancing

What Load Balancing provider is used in the solution?

This solution uses VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks).

Does this solution provide any automation of initial deployment or on-going tasks?

Yes. This validated solution includes the optional use of automation tools such as vRealize Orchestrator to perform many of the deployment and configuration procedures. You can access the automation workflows at

Does this solution support the Consolidated Topology?

Yes. This validated solution supports both Consolidated and Standard topologies.

Does this solution support the VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail?

Yes. This validated solution supports both standalone and VCF on VxRail.

What ecosystem integration guidance is provided as part of this validated solution?

This validated solution guides customers to implement automated load balancing delivery in a vCenter Server environment with NSX-T Data Center networking. A cloud connector of type NSX-T would be configured on the Avi Controller to deliver automated load balancing.

Can I utilize vCenter only or No-Access ecosystem integration to deliver load balancing on VMware Cloud Foundation using this validated solution?

Yes. This validated solution provides guidance to

  • Setup the VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer control plane i.e., the Avi Controller cluster
  • Provide ecosystem integration guidance for the NSX-T Cloud Connector integration for automated load balancing

Customers could choose to skip the ecosystem integration portion as presented in this validated solution and configure vCenter Only integration.

Can I use the Avi Controllers deployed through this validated solution to provide load balancing on baremetal servers that are hosted outside VMware Cloud Foundation?

Yes. VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer is built to be a hybrid-cloud load balancing solution. A single Avi Controller cluster can manage and provide load balancing services across multiple hybrid-cloud ecosystems. Follow the guidance as per this validated solution, and then configure additional ecosystem integrations as required, not just limited to baremetal servers, but can also include native public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.), OpenStack, container platforms such as Tanzu, OpenShift, etc.

What are the licensing requirements?

It is recommended to utilize Enterprise licenses for VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer as it offers the best experience and a true enterprise-grade feature set including local load balancing, GSLB, Application Security & WAF, Container Ingress, and more. More information can be found at

Where can I learn more about VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer?


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