Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Cloud-Based Automation

Can this solution be implemented using a Consolidated architecture model for VMware Cloud Foundation?

The solution is optimized for the standard architecture model with VMware Cloud Foundation instances consisting of a management domain and one or more VI workload domains.

This means the end to end implementation workflow has not been validated with a consolidated architecture and so some procedures may differ, however you may use the design with the following exceptions and caveats:

  1. Do not set the No Access role on the management domain for the integration service accounts used for both VMware Aria Automation Assembler and VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator to vSphere.
  2. Place the VMware Aria Automation virtual appliances within the resource pool for management workloads used in a consolidated architecture.
Can this solution be extended to multi-cloud platforms?

Yes. The Cloud-Based Automation for VMware Cloud Foundation validated solution is focused on connecting your on-premises VMware Cloud Foundation instance with VMware Aria Automation (SaaS) only, you can further extend VMware Aria Automation to connect  supported multi-cloud platforms.

Can I deploy this Validated Solution on Dell VxRail System?



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