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YouTube vVols Lightboard Series

YouTube vVols Lightboard Series

Storage Policy Based Management

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Demo videos of vVols on various storage vendors.

Migrating a WSFC using RDMs to vVols


Full Article Here: Migrate a WSFC Cluster on RDMs to vVols


Nimble: Policy-based Disaster Recovery

VM Failover with PowerCLI on Nimble Storage

At VMworld 2016  Julian Cates and Pete Flecha demonstrated a planned failover of a VVol VM.  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Nimble’s implementation of Virtual Volumes on Nimble OS 3.  In this demo video you will see the following:

  • There is a VM on the source side called Barcelona Demo.
  • There is no replicated copy of this VM on the target side
  • The script kicks off.
  • The VM is removed from the source vCenter Inventory
  • The VM is brought online at the destination
  • Refreshing the view on the destination array shows that the previous replicas are now online volumes.

Check the following blog post for detailed information on Automating VVol DR with Nimble


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