October 15, 2020

Announcing General Availability of vSAN 7 Update 1

vSAN 7 U1 is available! Here is what you can expect to see.

The announcement of vSAN 7 Update 1 (U1) last month marked one of the most significant releases in the history of VMware’s industry-leading hyperconverged solution. The list of enhancements is impressive, but more importantly, they all contribute to one very specific goal: Enabling our customers to deliver a more efficient and flexible architecture that is simpler to operate.

The announcement benefits more than just vSAN customers. vSAN and vSphere are the foundation for VMware’s core cloud capabilities. It provides the basis for a fully software-defined storage and virtualization platform that removes dependencies from legacy solutions using physical hardware. It is also what is used as the basis for VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF): The comprehensive full stack HCI solution for the private cloud. This very same stack is used in the public cloud offerings with Amazon VMC on AWS, Azure VMware Solutions, Google Cloud VMware Solutions, IBM VMware Solutions, and a long list of other VMware cloud provider partners. The result? When the core cloud capabilities are improved, the benefits will be seen regardless of the consumption model.

Since vSAN is integrated directly into the hypervisor, all of the new functionality comes with a simple update of the hypervisor. In other words, upgrading to vSphere 7 U1 automatically brings all of the new features and functionality of vSAN 7 U1. For the managed service offerings from our cloud provider partners, this is done automatically for you.

vSAN 7 U1 Content Digest

To learn a bit more about the enhancements with vSAN 7 U1, here is a list of recently published blog posts (with more on the way) on the new features of this update:

Also, be sure to visit https://core.vmware.com/vSAN (previously “StorageHub”) for all of the latest guidance and technical details around vSAN and VCF environments powered by vSAN. Some recently added content for vSAN 7 U1 includes:

Be sure to visit https://my.vmware.com to download vSphere 7 U1, VMware vCenter Server 7 U1, the vSAN Witness Host appliance for vSAN 7 U1, and the protocol services update for vSAN file services.


VMware continues to innovate and deliver. Whether you are responsible for the day to day operations, or the design of environments powered by vSAN, we believe vSAN 7 U1 is a “must-have” release for your environment. It’s time to upgrade!


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