November 18, 2022

Build Sovereign Cloud Services with VMware Greenplum and Cloudian

By:  Sue Ulintz Mosovich
       Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware


Data sovereignty and sovereign clouds have taken on a new significance in the world today. As organizations around the world generate troves of data, they are keenly aware of the need to manage, store, and secure this valuable asset as well as comply with the sovereignty laws of the land where this data resides. This is especially true for highly regulated environments like Healthcare, Telecom, Financial Services, and Public Sector.

Complex Requirements

The need for compliance creates a complicated patchwork of requirements. The most important of these requirements are:

  • Data Residency:  Data hosted in a particular country will be under that country’s jurisdiction.
  • Data Privacy:  It is essential to consider the privacy laws in the country where the data was collected.
  • Data Protection and Data Security:  Organizations have their own requirements for data privacy, data residency, data protection, and data security.

You can read in-depth about data sovereignty requirements in this whitepaper or watch the following video.

Be the Solution:  Build Sovereign Cloud Services

Given the complexity, it is no surprise that organizations are increasingly working with service providers (SPs) and managed service providers (xSPs) to help them implement data security and data protection measures and to help navigate regulations to ensure compliance with data privacy legislation. This presents an opportunity for cloud xSPs to meet this demand with end-to-end cloud services that are scalable, cost-effective, and secure.

Sovereign Data Lakehouse:  An Exciting New Offering

This applies to the ability to offer traditional cloud services like Storage as a Service (STaaS) and Backup as a Service (BUaaS) and extends even to new-age, high-value analytics. The opportunity to offer a sovereign Data Lakehouse as a Service that is secure, affordable, and scalable has never been greater. Essential to this is an S3 Data Lake along with an analytics tool built on open standards, for xSPs, with built-in multi-tenancy, billing, metering, and the ability to expand to petabyte scale on-demand.

VMware Greenplum, a massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse platform, integrates with Cloudian HyperStore S3-compatible object storage and enables xSPs to offer a high-value Data Lakehouse as-a-service in their Sovereign Clouds. This VMware-certified solution enables new efficiencies and savings and is ideal for the creation and deployment of advanced analytics models for complex enterprise applications.

Choose the Right Platform Partners

A Data Lakehouse built using VMware Greenplum and Cloudian HyperStore is quickly becoming a must-have sovereign cloud service for the following reasons:

  1. It is a high-value, coveted service that customers are asking about
  2. It is a revenue-ready, plug-n-play service based on VMware Greenplum and Cloudian
  3. Commercials can be transacted using VCPP points
  4. It can be built with a high level of security, resiliency, and sovereignty
  5. It is service provider ready, with multi-tenancy and a host of built-in features

Sovereign clouds make sense for a plethora of reasons. The key is to partner with the best solution providers to ensure your high-value sovereign cloud services are both dependable and at the ready, reducing your time to market in this competitive space.

To learn more about building and offering high-value sovereign cloud services, please check out this webinar, “Building a Data Lakehouse Service in Sovereign Cloud.”



Solution Brief:  Data Lakehouse as a Service for Sovereign VMware Cloud

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