October 19, 2022

Introduction to VMware Data Solutions

By:  Jacque Istok
     VP, Global Sales - VMware Data Solutions


Introducing the evolution of Tanzu Data Services:  VMware Data Solutions


The success of data workloads is critical to every enterprise. A recent study of telemetry from VMware’s customer base verified that approximately 25% of VMware workloads are data workloads: databases, data warehouses, big data analytics, data queueing and caching.

As VMware continues to innovate on the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) and accelerate enterprise cloud transformation, it is clear that the data workloads will also only continue to grow – and we are poised to support our customers’ journeys as they modernize both traditional and modern applications. To reflect this evolutionary journey, VMware is rebranding (and evolving) the Tanzu Data Services portfolio as VMware Data Solutions.

The products in the VMware Data Solutions family are:



Previous Name 

VMware GemFire  

High-speed In-Memory data and compute store for Caching data with low latency needs 

formerly VMware Tanzu GemFire  

VMware Greenplum  

Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Postgres for Big Data store, Data Warehousing, Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 

formerly VMware Tanzu Greenplum  

VMware RabbitMQ  

High throughput messaging to connect different systems and event-streaming for processing data as soon as it is available 

formerly VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ  

VMware SQL  

MySQL or Postgres Relational databases for Transactional data processing 

formerly VMware Tanzu SQL  

VMware Data Services Manager  

Cloud-native, on-demand provisioning and automated management for a variety of data services 

formerly Data Management for VMware Tanzu  


While every organization’s digital transformation journey may look different, their data-related needs are mostly similar: they need to effectively capture, process, and serve data quickly, drive analytic value out of massive sets of disparate data, and integrate data assets to support a wide portfolio of cloud-native and traditional applications.

VMware Data Solutions is being recognized as a powerful part of the entire VMware portfolio, enabling our customers and partners to succeed in adopting modern approaches to data collection, management, movement, and analytics – along with the wider multi-cloud and virtualization capabilities of the company.   

VMware Data Solutions further extends VMware’s long history of virtual infrastructure and multi-cloud innovation, enabling customers to evolve their approaches and truly realize the promise of data.


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