June 29, 2021

Please Join Us This Afternoon for the June vSphere LIVE!

Every month we do a live stream on the vSphere YouTube Channel (and recently on Facebook and Twitter, too), talking about different topics at the infrastructure levels of the software-defined data center. The June 2021 episode is this afternoon (6/29) and John Nicholson, Tom Stephens, and I (Bob Plankers) will be talking about security. It'll be things like this zero trust stuff, ransomware, and designing our systems for resiliency and security from the start.

Sure, it's fun to hear us banter about presidential orders about cybersecurity, but the best part of all vSphere LIVEs is that they are a chance to ask questions, too. Bring them along and ask them in the chat and we'll answer them! Chances are if you're wondering about something others are, too, and will appreciate you asking.

Starts this afternoon at 1:00 PM Pacific (-0700). The link is:

vSphere LIVE: Zero Trust, Ransomware, and Designing for Securityhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbIasAkVWvc

If you've followed us on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribed to the YouTube channel you'll get a notification when we start. You could also set a reminder ("ring the bell" as the YouTube folks say) if you were subscribed to our channel (hint, hint...)

See you soon!

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