August 30, 2021

Project Monterey Update

As VMworld 2021 approaches, let's go over a quick update on Project Monterey

Quick Update

It's almost been a year since VMworld 2020 where we introduced Project Monterey. VMworld 2021 is approaching fast, and development of Project Monterey is progressing a lot! As we're working hard on the engineering side, we also started to ramp up customer involvement through an early access program. This is a unique opportunity for customers to collaborate with VMware to test and validate their Project Monterey use cases in a lab environment.

Project Monterey at VMworld 2021

There's plenty of opportunity to learn more about Project Monterey at VMworld 2021. In the session "10 Things You Need to Know About Project Monterey [MCL1833]" we'll dive a bit deeper into use-cases, and we'll be able to a bit more of Project Monterey. We'll showcase what the installation and life-cycle process looks like with Project Monterey, how network offloads are configured and enabled, what's possible with security offloads, and take a glimpse of some of the possibilities with storage offloads!

Project Monterey Network Offloads

Make sure to check out all VMworld sessions discussing Project Monterey:
  • Project Monterey: Present, Future and Beyond [MCL1401]
  • How vSphere Will Redefine Infrastructure to Run Future Apps in the Multi-Cloud Era [MCL2500]
  • Partner Roundtable Discussion: Project Monterey—Redefining Data Center Solutions [MCL2379]
  • Accelerate Infrastructure Functions and Improve Data Center Utilization [NET2847S]
  • Making AI Possible for Every Business [MCL3037S]
  • Software-Defined, Hardware-Accelerated Data Center with Project Monterey [NET2790S]

We're looking forward to see you at this years (virtual) VMworld!!

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