October 10, 2022

Site Recovery Manager REST API Resource Page

This is the start of a series of blogs covering the Site Recovery Manager REST APIs. The individual posts in the series will provide details and examples of using the individual REST APIs.

The Site Recovery Manager REST APIs were released as part of SRM 8.6 and include the following:

Site Recovery Manager

  • Authentication
    • Connect, disconnect, and get info about the current session
  • Inventory mappings
    • Create, delete, modify, and get info about mappings
      • Folders
      • Networks
      • Resources
      • Test Networks
      • Storage Policies
      • Placeholders
  • Pairing
    • Create, delete, modify, and get info about pairings
  • Protection
    • Create, delete, modify, and get info about protection groups
    • Change protection settings for VM
    • Add/remove datastores from protection groups
    • Repair placeholder VMs per protection group
    • Get vVol replication group info
  • Recovery
    • Create, delete, modify, and get info about recovery plans
    • Run test, clean up, failover, and reprotect workflows
    • Get VM recovery setting info
    • Change VM priority group, dependencies, and IP customization
    • Get PGs that are part of a recovery plan
    • Get history report info
    • Get VMs that are part of a recovery plan
    • Get issues with a recovery plan
  • Replication
    • Get information about replicated array pairs
    • Get info about vVol fault domains
    • Get info about all replication groups that are part of a vVol fault domain
  • Tasks
    • Get all or specific task info
  • vCenter
    • Get all connected vCenter info
    • Get a list of all replicated VMs

Appliance Management (both SRM & vSphere Replication)

  • Appliance info (disks, etc.)
  • Certificate management
  • Update management
  • Support bundles
  • Task management
  • Service management
  • Configuration management
  • Settings
    • Network
    • Time
    • Syslog
    • Access


The blog series will be released as follows:

  • Post 1 - Authentication, Pairing, vCenter and Tasks – Oct 19
  • Post 2 – Inventory Mappings and Replication – Oct 26
  • Post 3 – Protection and Recovery – Nov 2
  • Post 4 – Appliance Management – Nov 9


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