April 21, 2022

Unexplored Territory Podcast: a Machine Learning Conversation with VMware and ITQ Consulting

A recent podcast in the Unexplored Territory series led by Frank Denneman, Duncan Epping of VMware and Johan van Amersfoort of ITQ in the Netherlands, talking with Justin Murray about the technology in Machine Learning, Data Science and Compute Accelerators on VMware.

Four of us who have a deep, customer-related interest in machine learning/data science got together on a podcast recently to talk about these great subjects, ML and AI. This is one in a great series of podcasts on new technologies that Frank Denneman, Duncan Epping and Johan van Amersfoort regularly produce. We explored why we see machine learning/AI platforms applications taking off in the enterprise - and what is so exciting and interesting about the whole machine learning and data science field. We also talked about VMware's and NVIDIA's offerings in the field of AI/ML for our customers and why GPUs are important accelerators there. The discussion is led by Frank and Duncan of the Office of the CTO at VMware, along with Johan, a seasoned industry technologist from ITQ who has helped deploy ML systems in the Netherlands - and Justin Murray of VMware's technical marketing team. We hope you will find this an interesting and an entertaining discussion!



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