Unexplored Territory Podcast: a Machine Learning Conversation with VMware and ITQ Consulting

April 21, 2022

Four of us who have a deep, customer-related interest in machine learning/data science got together on a podcast recently to talk about these great subjects, ML and AI. This is one in a great series of podcasts on new technologies that Frank Denneman, Duncan Epping and Johan van Amersfoort regularly produce. We explored why we see machine learning/AI platforms applications taking off in the enterprise - and what is so exciting and interesting about the whole machine learning and data science field. We also talked about VMware's and NVIDIA's offerings in the field of AI/ML for our customers and why GPUs are important accelerators there. The discussion is led by Frank and Duncan of the Office of the CTO at VMware, along with Johan, a seasoned industry technologist from ITQ who has helped deploy ML systems in the Netherlands - and Justin Murray of VMware's technical marketing team. We hope you will find this an interesting and an entertaining discussion!



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