Virtually Speaking: Azure VMware Solution

May 26, 2023

Azure VMware Solution

Azure VMware Solution (AVS) is a Microsoft managed service built on Azure bare metal infrastructure and cloud verified by VMware. AVS is powered by VMware Cloud Foundation: vCenter Server, vSphere, vSAN, and NSX-T. Also included is VMware HCX, the Swiss army knife of workload mobility. Customers can securely extend their networks and migrate workloads from on-premises (vSphere 6.x -7.x) to AVS or between AVS private clouds in different regions using a combination of migration options. Microsoft will handle the billing, lifecycle operations (upgrades), and troubleshooting of the service, allowing customers to focus on their workloads.

This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we welcome Emad Younis and Joe Sarabia to discuss the details of Azure VMware Solution.

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