Virtually Speaking: Introducing vSphere+ Standard Edition

December 16, 2022

vSphere+ Standard Edition

What if the benefits of public clouds could be harnessed by on-premises workloads, without having to migrate them to the cloud? What if new capabilities could be accessed through SaaS, relieving maintenance burdens while fast-tracking new enhancements? What if services could be consumed when they are needed and easily increased when demand spikes? Earlier this year, VMware announced vSphere+ and have been thrilled with the positive customer response and fast adoption over the past few months. And while it has been a very easy transition for customers to go from vSphere Enterprise Plus to vSphere+, the environments running on vSphere Standard edition may be okay using only the basic features of vSphere but still need the benefits of cloud connectivity. To address this customer need and use case VMware is introducing vSphere+ Standard Edition. This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we welcome VMware Director of Product Marketing, Himanshu Singh to discuss the details of this new release. 

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