September 05, 2023

Virtually Speaking Podcast: VMware Explore 2023 with Raghu Raghuram

On this episode of the Virtually Speaking Podcast, Pete and John speak with VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram about the announcements at VMware Explore 2023.

Raghu Raghuram - VMware Explore Las Vegas 2023

There was no shortage of announcements this year at VMware Explore Las Vegas 2023, and the Virtually Speaking Podcast was there to capture it all. One of the highlights for Pete and John is the long standing tradition of interviewing VMware CEO, Raghu Raghuram. On this episode of Virtually Speaking, Raghu discusses VMware Private AI, the vision for VMware Cloud and VMware's multi-cloud strategy.

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Couldn't make it to #VMwareExplore Las Vegas 2023? We've got you covered. The Virtually Speaking Podcast captured dozens of interviews with VMware Executives, Subject-Matter-Experts, customers and partners.

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