April 17, 2024

VMware Cloud Foundation Precheck Fails with Error About Missing ESXi Bundle

Prior to upgrading VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) you may experience a precheck error notifying you that an expected ESXi host bundle is missing.  In this blog I will explain this error and how to get around it.

With VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), when performing a precheck against the management domain in preparation for an upgrade you may see an error related to a missing ESXi host bundle.  

For example, in my lab, I am running VCF version 5.1 and am preparing to upgrade to version 5.1.1. When I run a precheck I get the following error: "Could not find downloaded bundle for HOST upgrade to version 8.0.2-23305546". The exact error is shown below.

Precheck Error
The error itself is straightforward. The precheck is expecting a specific ESXi update bundle to have been downloaded, however, the bundle is missing.  The problem, however, is when you navigate to Bundle Management the bundle specified in the error is not available for download.

Download Bundles

This creates a catch-22 situation. The precheck will continue to fail as it expects the requisite ESXi update bundle to be downloaded. However, the SDDC Manager won't allow you to download the update bundle.

The issue here is that the running version of the SDDC Manager is not recognizing the newer ESXi update as a valid bundle, and thus is not making it available for download. To resolve the issue and get out of this catch-22 situation, you need to upgrade the SDDC Manager to the latest version (5.1.1 in my example). 

Fortunately, there's an easy fix. You simply need to upgrade the SDDC Manager. Assuming all the other checks have completed successfully and the error noted above is the only failure, you are safe to proceed. The absence of the ESXi bundle will not affect the SDDC Manager upgrade.

SDDC Manager Upgrade


After the SDDC Manager has been upgraded, when you return to Bundle Management you will see the missing ESXi update bundle available for download.


Download Aria LCM Bundle

Download the bundle and re-run the precheck. With the bundle downloaded the precheck will complete successfully.

Mgmt Domain Precheck Summary


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