June 12, 2023

VMware Data Services Manager - What's new?

VMware Data Services Manager is a VMware solution that offers a data-as-a-service toolkit for on-demand provisioning and automated management of PostgreSQL and MySQL databases on a vSphere environment. VMware Data Services Manager provides a graphical user interface and a REST API in the toolkit, enabling administrators and developers to get the most out of the service. VMware Data Service Manager 1.5 is now available with several improvements to help deploy and manage databases faster.

Deploy Faster

Single Agent

Data Services Manager allows customers to deploy multiple agent virtual appliances to support multiple tenants and environments. Before version 1.5, an agent, in addition to the provider management plane, was required even to support a single tenant. Now, the provider can act as an agent to support a single environment, allowing for more rapid deployment, proof of concept testing, and single-tenant production use cases. Multiple agents can still be deployed if a customer wants to support multiple VMware vCenter Server environments.

Network Simplification

Previously, 3 distinct networks were required to deploy Data Services Manager. A network for the management layer, an application network used to expose the databases, and a control plane network used as a middle layer between the provider and agents. The control plane network is now collapsed into the management network.

New Images and vSphere 8 Support

PostgreSQL 14 and PostgreSQL 15 are now supported. There are many improvements in these updates ranging from performance to efficiency, and customers can deploy these new versions.  In addition, VMware vSphere 8 support has now officially been added.

How to Upgrade?

If you have configured a Tanzu Net Token, VMware Data Services Manager automatically downloads a new release and upgrades your installation's control plane software and database templates. If you have not enabled automated updates, you can also do on-demand manual updates for the Provider VM and on-demand manual updates for the database.



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