March 26, 2021

vSphere with Tanzu Quick Bytes Video Series

An 8-part series of videos called “Quick Bytes”. They are each about 3-5 minutes long and cover a task or short series of tasks.

After I launched the vSphere With Tanzu Quick Start Guide (QSG) a couple of months ago I was asked about creating some videos to go along with it. I could have made some very detailed videos but that’s already been covered by one of our engineers, Ben Corrie. He’s done a great job in going in deep on setup and configuration.

But what about those times when you are limited in time? You have 20 minutes to kill in waiting for soccer practice to end or 10 minutes before a Zoom meeting where you might be asked about a feature like vSphere Namespaces. So, I asked myself “What can I create that meets the need of those folks?”

That’s what prompted me creating an 8-part series of videos I’m calling “Quick Bytes”. They are each about 3-5 minutes long and cover a task or short series of tasks. You may even see them get incorporated into a future generation of the QSG.

The YouTube Playlist for the videos is available right now. Here’s the layout of that playlist.

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#1 –  Quick Bytes 1 - Configuring a vSphere Cluster for vSphere with Tanzu

#2 –  Quick Bytes 2 - vSphere with Tanzu Storage Policies

#3 –  Quick Bytes 3 - vSphere with Tanzu Content Library

#4 – Quick Bytes 4 - vSphere with Tanzu Load Balancer Networking Explained

#5 – Quick Bytes 5 - HAProxy Installation

#6 – Quick Bytes 6 - vSphere with Tanzu Workload Management Setup

#7 – Quick Bytes 7 - vSphere with Tanzu Creating a Namespace

#8 – Quick Bytes 8 - vSphere with Tanzu Test the vSphere Namespace using kubectl

Right now, these videos are focused on vSphere with Tanzu and HAProxy. Let us know if you like the format and if you’d like to see more videos in this short format for NSX-T and Avi load balancers.

Thanks for watching!


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