Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2020


Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Since 2004, every October in the United States is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. So often, we are simply reacting to breaches, threats, and audit findings, but we don’t often stop to think about the proactive side to security. Having a month to do that is wonderful!

Join Bob Plankers as he does something he's never done before: stream live! Four live webcasts on YouTube Live over the next four weeks, along with four blog posts that correlate with the themes of each week. Cybersecurity Awareness Month is led by the National Cybersecurity Alliance in the United States, but since VMware is a global company, and cybersecurity knows no boundaries (bad actors are everywhere!), I’ve scheduled two of the live streams to be convenient to our EMEA and APAC customers, partners, and friends.

To save the dates and times for these you can download individual .ics files below, or a file for all four events at once (you might have to drag the events over to your main calendar to save them).

Thank you! We hope to see you on the stream and in the chat.

5 Steps to Harden vSphere Security

There is lots of guidance and opinion on the Internet about how to secure a hybrid cloud. We will look at some of the freely-available tools VMware provides to secure VMware vSphere, as well as techniques and the mindset you need to build an infrastructure that's resilient to confidentiality, integrity, and availability challenges throughout its deployment.

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5 Ways To Protect Applications using vSphere

Virtualization infrastructure wouldn’t be necessary without workloads, and as vSphere Admins we need to worry about them, too. It’s a good thing that vSphere has many ways that we can protect workloads against confidentiality, integrity, and availability problems. Let’s go through the top 5 things you can do right now to improve the security of the applications in your environment.

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5 Ways to Make a vSphere Compliance Audit Easier

Security is very important, but as vSphere Admins we are often tasked with handling compliance audits, too. These are important to the business, but we often see them as distractions. Let’s fix that and talk about some proven ways we can make compliance audits of vSphere environments easier, faster, and more pleasant for everyone using some education, some tools, and some devious manipulation! Ha!

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5 Ways to Keep Attackers Out Using vSphere

Good identity management and account hygiene is one of the biggest ways we can protect our virtual infrastructures. Let’s look at ways to do that inside vCenter Server and ESXi that enable vSphere Admins to get work done but also keep the bad actors out, using Active Directory, MFA/2FA, permissions, and more.

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