Configuration of the VMware ESXi Host


Prior to deploying a Holodeck environment, the VMware ESXi server hosting the environment needs to be prepared. This involves configuring the host networking to be suitable for the pod deployment.


Completion of the tasks in this section will require:

  • A ESXi server meeting or exceeded the minimum resource requirements
  • A supported web browser to access the vSphere UI

Task 1: ESXi Host Networking Configuration

Each Holodeck pod requires a unique vSphere Standard Switch and a corresponding Port Group per site. This task describes the process for configuring a vSwitch called VLC-A and a port group called VLC-A-PG, which would typically be used for the Site-1 configuration within the pod, and vSwitch VLC-A2 with port group VLC-A2-PG for Site-2.  NOTE: Adding the second switch and port group for Site-2 is recommended even if you do not initially deploy the second site within the pod.

[Step 1] Configure vSphere Standard Switches for Nested Networking

  1. Create a standard switch called VLC-A and MTU 9000.
  2. Remove the uplink by clicking on the X on the uplink.

  1. Verify the settings and click Add

  1. Repeat step 1A-1C to create vSphere Standard Switch VLC-A2 for the second site in the pod

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[Step 2] Configure VLC Port Groups 

  1. Add a new Port Group
  2. Name the Port Group VLC-A-PG
  3. Set VLAN ID to 4095
  4. Set virtual switch to VLC-A
  5. Open security and set all to accept
  6. Click Add

  1. Repeat step 2A-2F for Port Group VLC-A2-PG on Virtual Switch VLC-A2 to support future addition of Site 2 to this pod



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