Holodeck: Core Automation Overview


This session provides an understanding of the core Software Defined Data Center automation delivered by SDDC Manager in VMWare Cloud Foundation. The modules in this lab focus on the simplicity of managing Hyper Converged Infrastructure at scale with VCF.

What will you learn in this session? Module breakdown:

  • Module 1 – Introducing SDDC Manager Dashboard and Inventory
  • Module 2 – Certificate Management
  • Module 3 – Password Management
  • Module 4 – Workload Domain Creation
  • Module 5 – Workload Domain Expansion
  • Module 6 – Workload Domain Contraction



This lab guide requires a total of 7 additional nested ESXi hosts for expansion. It is recommended to perform the following using VCF Lab Constructor prior to beginning this lab

  • Holo-Console ISO image used to deploy console to provide Active Directory and Certificate Authority functions
  • VLC-Holo-Site-1 deployed with VLC 
    • Four Host standard Management Cluster
    • Use the “Add 3 additional hosts” capability during VLC Deployment with add_3_hosts.json, and action set to “none”. This will commission hosts esxi-10, esxi-11 and esxi-12 into the free pool during VLC deployment for use in the Workload Domain Creation module
  • Use VLC Expansion pack option with add_hosts5-8.json config file to deploy 4 additional hosts (esxi-5, esxi-6, esxi-7, esxi-8) for use in the Workload Domain Expansion module





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