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Note: This solution provides general design and deployment guidelines for running VMware  RabbitMQ® for Kubernetes on VMware Tanzu® Kubernetes Grid™ (stream and warm standby solution). It is showcased in this paper running on Dell VxRail. The reference architecture applies to general vSphere and vSAN platforms.  


VMware RabbitMQ 1.2 contains RabbitMQ 3.9 that introduces RabbitMQ streams, a new data structure allowing for replay and higher throughput. Stream queues can be used with the streams protocol to achieve message publishing rate orders of magnitude faster than Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP). In addition, it provides commercial features that are not available in the open source version of RabbitMQ such as schema synchronization and standby replication. This feature provides the necessary mechanism to deploy and configure a standby VMware RabbitMQ cluster in different zones or even in different sites across the WAN, to replicate schema definitions and messages published to quorum queues or streams.

This paper provides the streaming and standby feature validation of VMware RabbitMQ for Kubernetes on VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.


You must first set up a reference architecture environment for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. And then, the material takes you through the steps to install VMware RabbitMQ for Kubernetes.

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