Update Deployment Parameters after Bringup Failure

Stuck with a failed VCF deployment because of a wrong value was entered in the deployment parameters file?

The Cloud Builder UI allows for a bringup execution to be retried, but it does not allow the input specification to be modified.

Instead of starting from scratch the current input file can be edited.


  1. Modify the current json with the new values.

This file is located at:



  1. Obtain the UUID of the failing execution
    This value is visible in /opt/vmware/bringup/logs/vcf-bringup-debug.log
    Search for "End of Orchestration with FAILURE for Execution ID <UUID>".


  1. Execute the following command on the Cloud Builder VM to retry the execution with the modified input json:

    curl -X POST http://localhost:9080/bringup-app/bringup/sddcs/<UUID&gt; -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "@/opt/vmware/sddc-support/cloud_admin_tools/Resources/vcf-ems/vcf-ems.json"


About the Author:

Martin Gustafsson is a Senior Consultant in the NEMEA Region working for VMware.

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