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Key Capabilities

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VMware vSphere 7 delivers key capabilities to enable IT organizations to address key trends that are placing demands on IT infrastructure:

  • Explosive growth in quantity and variety of applications, from business-critical apps to new intelligent workloads
  • Rapid growth of hybrid cloud environments and use cases
  • On-premises data centers growing and expanding globally, including at the edge
  • Security of infrastructure and applications

vSphere Lifecycle Management

The innovations for lifecycle management in vSphere 7 allow organizations to have consistent and up-to-date systems. The major lifecycle management improvements in vSphere 7 are vCenter Server Profiles, vCenter Server Update Planner, and vSphere Lifecycle Manager. The introduction of Single Reboot Upgrades and vSphere Quick Boot in vSphere 6.7 also reduces time required for patching and updates when upgrading to vSphere 7.

Intrinsic Security

vSphere 7 builds on the security capabilities in vSphere 6.7 and leverages its unique position as the hypervisor to offer comprehensive security that starts at the core, via an operationally simple policy-driven model. Identity Federation, vSphere Trust Authority, and Simplified Certificate Management are features that help customers with vSphere security.

Application Acceleration

vSphere 7 is a universal application platform that supports a broad variety of workloads (including 3D Graphics, Big Data, HPC, Machine Learning, In-Memory, and Cloud-Native), as well as existing mission- critical applications. The platform also supports and leverages some of the latest hardware innovations in the industry, delivering exceptional performance for a variety of workloads.

vSphere with Tanzu

vSphere 7 is the most feature- rich release of vSphere in over a decade. It delivers a plethora of innovations and the rearchitecting of vSphere with native Kubernetes, which VMware introduced at VMworld 2019 as Project Pacific. Kubernetes is now built into vSphere, which allows developers to continue using the same industry-standard tools and interfaces they have been using to create modern applications. VMware vSphere administrators also benefit because they can help manage the Kubernetes infrastructure with the same tools and skills they have developed around vSphere.

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