Holodeck Toolkit 1.3 March Release Update

Holodeck Toolkit March Update

March 31, 2023


On March 31st, 2023, we released several updates to the VCF Holodeck Toolkit. These updates work to simplify the setup process and add new capabilities.

The following summary highlights these updates.

  • Updates to PowerShell Scripts in the Holo Build Directory

New PowerShell scripts have been added to the Holo Build directory on the Holo Console.  These scripts are used to automate the deployment and configuration of an Ubuntu virtual machine that is needed for completing the Tanzu Lab exercises. 

  • Lab Guide Updates

The Custom ISO Creation Lab Guide, Deploy Holo Console Lab Guide, and Deploy Holo Router Lab Guide have been updated to help streamline and simplify deployment.  These updates include:

- Simpler process for adding license keys and verifying downloaded files.

- Consolidated the custom ISO creation into a a single 'createISO.ps1' script.

- Updated the Holo Router configuration so updates will persists across reboots.

- Added the ability to set port forwarding configuration on the Holo Router with RDP as default.

  • Tanzu Lab Guides Released

The Tanzu Lab Guides were released. These labs provide guidance on configuring workload management, configuring vSphere Namespaces, deploying vSphere Pods, as well as creating and managing Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters (TKCs). It also includes a module on using Helm to deploy a sample container-based application.

To learn more, visit the Holodeck Toolkit website.

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